The Secret Room – Now Available for Preorder!

It’s been a while coming, but as we speak the second book in my Breed Wars series, The Secret Room, is now available for preorder and will be available for purchase on March 31. Here’s the scintillating blurb:

After the tragedy that turns Abby’s life upside down, she thinks her life can’t get any worse. Then, suddenly, it does. Strangers begin pursuing her relentlessly, wanting her dead, though she has no idea why. Now all that stands between her and a horrifying death is a man named Mordant, almost a boy, whom she soon learns is anything else but. With his assistance, and that of his strange associates, she searches for answers, answers she will only find within the confines of – The Secret Room.

No rainbows or unicorns, but you get what you pay for.

Oh, and in addition I will be choosing ten folks at random from my mailing list subscribers, each of whom will receive a signed copy of the trade paperback edition. If  you’d like to subscribe to said list, you can do so here, just check out the widget in the upper right corner. I only use the newsletter to announce upcoming books or matters of similar import, so you have my solemn word there’s no need to be concerned about spam filling up your mailbox.

(Um, to clarify, there’s no need to be worried about any spam coming from me. The mailing list isn’t a spam deflector, but should you ever learn of one, please share.)

To preorder your copy of The Secret Room, click here.