The Secret Room, Now Available for the Kindle.

On March 31 (because had I waited one more day, there’s no telling how many April Fool jokes I might have had to endure), The Secret Room became available on Amazon for the Kindle. ::passing out cigars::

If you’d like your own copy, fresh off the server, you can get your Breed Wars fix here.

And before anyone asks, yes there will be a dead tree edition, but it’ll most likely take another month or so. I’m proofing the proof as we speak.

Normally I put up an excerpt, but since Amazon already has a ‘Look Inside’ feature, it seems a tad redundant. So if you’d like to preview the beginning, feel free to truck on over to the above link and check it out.

And since we don’t rest on our laurels in this town, now on to the next book in the pipeline, The Caballa.