The Diaries of Penelope Ember (Episode Two)

It now be time for the second episode in the ongoing saga of The Diaries of Penelope Ember. And I have to say, writing these things is proving to be an exciting and exhilarating (not to mention intimidating) challenge. I now have some idea of what others who have tackled the serial throughout history (such as Charles Dickens) must have felt as they saw that circled date on their calendars growing nearer.

As new episodes continue to be published (first to newsletter subscribers, and then to this website), I don’t want to require newcomers to fumble and search for previous episodes, so I’ll be adding a separate section here on the website which will be dedicated to The Diaries of Penelope Ember, and will include links to all preceding episodes. Remember, though, that if you want the newest episodes delivered to your Inbox a month in advance, you can ensure this by using the subscription box to sign up for my author’s newsletter. Note as well that there’s going to be a special giveaway coming soon, which will be available only to newsletter subscribers.

Oh, and once you’re done here (for those of you who have yet to read them), I do hope you’ll consider checking out the other two books in the series: House of Shadows and The Secret Room. Each can be obtained from Amazon for a paltry handful of sheckels, but if you subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, or if you have Amazon Prime, both are available to you via those venues.

And with that, nuff said. Here’s this month’s episode. Hope you enjoy: Part Two