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Befriended as a young teenager by a beautiful and mysterious benefactress, Eugene Evans believes the downward trajectory of his white trash existence has finally been arrested and his life turned around. Then, after he becomes a man, he is confronted by a horrifying and unavoidable choice between two unacceptable options.

But it doesn’t stop there.

For once his decision has been made, and the consequences accepted, he finds himself in a new and terrifying reality threatening all that he loves, where his first wrong choice will be his last. . . .


After the tragedy that turns Abby’s life upside down, she thinks her life can’t get any worse. Then, suddenly, it does. Strangers begin pursuing her relentlessly, wanting her dead, though she has no idea why. Now all that stands between her and a horrifying death is a man named Mordant, almost a boy, whom she soon learns is anything else but. With his assistance, and that of his strange associates, she searches for answers, answers she will only find within the confines of – The Secret Room.

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