The Diaries of Penelope Ember

This page is devoted to my ongoing serial, The Diaries of Penelope Ember, a prelude to the first novel in my Breed Wars series, House of Shadows. Please note that while it works best as a companion piece to that latter novel, it is being written to stand alone as an independent work. Each episode comes out monthly to the folks who subscribe to my newsletter, and is then reprinted here the following month.

Please note that this is a work in progress, and that there may be changes made from time to time. For example, I recently changed the beginning of Episode One in order to provide more background information for those readers new to my work.

Hope you enjoy. And please feel free to share your thoughts, either here or directly via email at

Here are the links:

Episode One – November 18, 1979

Episode Two – November 20, 1979

Episode Three – November 21, 1979

Episode Four – November 21, 1979

Episode Five – November 21, 1979 (Post Sunrise)

Episode Six – November 21, 1979 (Late Afternoon) The Mid-Season Finale